As far back as early man, stories were being made about some terrifying creature or some horrifying monster that lurked in the woods or lived some dark cave. Some were told around the campfire to pass the time. Some were told to children to keep them from wandering too far from home or to scare them into thinking if they were bad then some monster would come in the night and take them away. Some however believed such creatures and monsters really did exist.

As time went on, telling scary stories became something of a hobby for some. These stories seemed to be nothing more then someone with a good imagination, and less about anything real. That was until around the mid 1400’s. Strange unexplainable things started happening in small villages. Then in bigger towns. No one could explain it until someone suggested it was witchcraft. Suddenly everyone was searching for anything odd or anyone acting strange. That led to witch hunts or witch purges. Around the same time, villages in other parts of the country would find their people torn and ripped open in the woods or found with two small holes on the side of their necks. Not knowing what could cause such carnage, stories started going around about big beasts and people who would bite and drink blood. This continued until around the late 1700’s. However, stories about people biting and drinking blood continued. People seemed fascinated by these stories and they became very popular.

As books were being written about people biting, draining the blood and killing, in other parts of the world stories started to pop up about other beings and strange creatures. It started being looked at as people with over-active imaginations and was ignored for the most part.

People moved on with their lives and the idea of creatures and monsters were nothing more then just myth and legend. The stories stayed around and became popular books and movies. For the most part, the human race forgot about such things except for when they watch a late night movie or read a book. But that was about to change.

It was a small town in the back woods of New Orleans in late October when it happened. Probably where everything went to hell. Eye witnesses said it was dark that night. Fog had rolled in and could feel a chill in the air. A strange, dark dressed man walked into town. At first no one payed much attention to the stranger. The stranger took up a room at the local hotel. But the next night, four people suddenly disappeared without a trace. Only thing that was different was the stranger that had come into town. The Sheriff asked him questions and let him go back to the hotel. The next night two more people came up missing. But this time someone say some large beast looking thing running through the woods. Biggest thing that lived in the woods was deer.

Three days went by before two bodies were found. They were two of the six missing. Both had their throats ripped out along with the stomach torn open and missing organs. With the town NEVER having so much as a fender bender, the town decided to have a meeting at the town hall. Two badly torn up bodies and four people still missing, the town was in a panic. So they started talking about what they could do. As they did, the stranger that had come into town a few days ago walked in. The room suddenly felt ice cold as the stranger walked in. The stranger walked up to the Mayor of the town and asked if he could speak. Not seeing any problem with that, the Mayor let him.

The stranger stood there for a moment and looked around the room at all the people. His gaze almost seemed dead. He looked back at the Mayor as he cleared his throat and looked back at the towns people. “Centuries back you humans were nothing more then a meal or something to play with. But you multiply faster then rabbits and have pushed my kind and others into the shadows. We have lived like that for decades. No more. You humans have had your shot. Now it’s time for us to come out of the shadows and live again like we where meant to.” He looked at them all for a second, and then suddenly opened his mouth letting out a low growl as large fangs grew from his mouth. His eyes turned red. As he slowly moved towards the towns people, the main door flew open and a large hairy wolf looking beast charged in. Blood dripped from his large teeth indicating he just ate something (or someone). In a sudden rush of fear, the people started screaming for their lives and tried running away. The stranger and the beast started attacking and killing everything that moved. In what seemed shear moments all the towns people were dead. Blood was all over the walls, body parts on the tables. It was total Karnage there.

Shortly after that, the rest of the world became terrifyingly aware of such creatures and many others. After all this time of hearing and reading and seeing movies about such monsters and now seeing that it’s real…almost seems too real to believe. But it is real. And it’s happening. But the question is…do humans deserve to keep going? Or did they already have their shot. This is where the war begins…..